Solutions for the Liquid Processing Industry

SealFlow Corp. Pump Part Division is your single source for Centrifugal, ANSI, API, Paper Stock, Split Case and Progressive Cavity Pumps and Parts. We not only offer replacement parts for all manufacturers of pumps, but also repairs to end suction, split case, vertical and individual parts i.e. casings and stuffing box covers. In today’s global marketplace, you don’t become a leader in the industry just by keeping up with the competition. You have to prepare for tomorrow’s challenges as well. That’s exactly what we’re about at SealFlow Corp

Our focus goes well beyond the typical distributor- we provide solutions for many needs. That means we offer a full-service approach to all of our customers. We’re experts in the field of pumps and fluid handling systems. 

At SealFlow Corp. our goal is to provide customers with quality product, support and service that they never consider an alternative sources of supply.
That is the SealFlow Corp.  difference.

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