Solutions for the Liquid Processing Industry

Gear Pumps

SealFlow Corp GEAR PUMP features a retrofittable design when compared to the world’s largest manufacturer of internal gear pumps. Thus, all SealFlow Corp GEAR PUMP PARTS are interchangeable with the leading brand. The NOMAD GEAR PUMP product features cast housings in 7 connection port sizes, available with packing or mechanical seals.

INTERNAL GEAR Internal gear pumps feature positive displacement design to handle high viscosity liquids. They are equipped with casings that can be positioned to meet common piping configurations, while featuring only two mobile parts for ease of maintenance.

HOW IT WORKS: Liquid enters the suction port between the rotor and idler teeth. Liquid travels through the pump between the teeth of the “gear-within-a-gear” principle. The crescent shape divides the liquid and acts as a seal between the suction and discharge ports. The pump head is now nearly flooded, just prior to forcing the liquid out of the discharge port. Intermeshing gears of the idler and rotor form locked pockets for the liquid which assures volume control. Rotor and idler teeth mesh completely to form a seal equal distant from the discharge and suction ports. This sealforces the liquid out of the discharge port.

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Blackmer Pumps

Blackmer sliding vane pumps are used in a wide variety of industrial applications. Self priming and with excellent suction capabilities, Blackmer pumps are used for liquid transfer from trucks, rail cars, tank farms, drums & chemical tote transfer. Blackmer vane pumps are designed to pump lubricants, solvents, coatings, paints, jet fuel, edible oils, glycol, thinners and all types of chemicals. OEC Fluid Handling can provide Blackmer pumps in cast iron, ductile iron and 316 stainless steel construction and discharge sizes from 1” to 12” – flows from 10 to 2,220 GPM.

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