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ANSI Pumps

If you have ANSI Pump models such as Goulds 3196, Summit 2196 or Griswold 811 you’re at the right place. SealFlow Corp. stocks replacement pump parts and builds bare pumps and complete pump assemblies for all these ANSI brands and more. We’ve put “good”, “fast”, “very affordable” and “easy” in one place. Think of us as a national vending machine for ANSI parts and pumps.

Did you know that ANSI pumps are interchangeable between brands? You can take out a Goulds 3196 pump and install a Summit 2196 pump without changing the piping. You can take out a Griswold 811 and install an SealFlow Corp ANSI pump. The flanges, feet and centerline of the shaft will all be uniform. ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute. Specifications are written that require these benefits for you.

In addition, you can interchange the individual parts for these pumps with each other. Our pump parts interchange with Goulds 3196, Summit 2196, Griswold 811 and others.

Building a 24/7/365 “nationwide vending machine for ANSI parts and pumps” did not happen overnight. You’re seeing 3 ½ years of work from ANSI pump professionals designed from a blank piece of paper to make the “quadfecta” of goodfast, very affordable and easy: the new standard.

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